Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Vote For Eggplant

On a day where I find myself checking the Huffington Post every 2 minutes, I decided to make something that is easy and I could eat with one hand, while still checking for election updates with the other. This is a picture of the latest box.
I am really excited about my pumpkin and have not yet figured out what do to with it yet. Fall also brings the return of the daikon, which I never know what to do with. Maybe I will start pickling it. But back to eggplant. As it is November in typical southern California fashion we have come full circle and are walking around in warm 80 degree weather. While all I want to do is make stews, curries, and celebrate autumnal squash the warm weather won't allow for it. I found this eggplant sandwich on the Huff Post, and thought this would be a great easy meal. Roasting the eggplant and onion together gave me plenty of time to check up on midterm election status. I normally don't use premade pesto but opted for a jarred one, and made the white bean spread. I was afraid that they would both be too strong and cancel each other out, but all flavors came through. This is also a sandwich that tastes good warm or can be eaten cold the next day for a workday lunch.

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