While I Listened To

I'm starting a new page about things I listen to while I cook, because music is synonymous with cooking or living for that matter.
  • Do you have Spotify yet? Get on it now, it's pretty great. Listen to lots of free streaming music/
  • I have never been a huge fan of the Decemberists but the latest album they put out is really good. I listened to it while I wrote about spicy chard pickles . Watch their Tiny Desk Concert (a few times) while you wait for the chard to pickle. 
  • I listened to Wilco live from Sasquatch while typing my post about grilled kale. Listen to it hear and start thinking about summer festivals and concerts you would like to go to.
  • While we celebrated with cilantro and kale we listened to some old records. This record by The Dave Brubek Quartet made a fun birthday cocktail party.
  • I love this band from Seattle called The Head and The Heart. Watch and listen to them play here, I listened to them while I made colcannon.