Sunday, November 7, 2010

Everything Good Inside a Pumpkin

I've been staring at my pumpkin hoping it would give me inspiration. I knew I was not going to carve it for Halloween and making a dessert seemed like an easy way out. I found a recipe on epicurious for Pumpkin Stuffed with Everything Good and I was sold. On the way to the grocery store to buy ingredients we heard the same recipe on NPR. It was fortuitous.
We did change some things. We eliminated the bread and added some cooked rice making it a loose risotto. I also added tasso ham, which is a Cajun ham with a bit of a kick. Everything else was about the same as the recipe. Within a half hour of being in the oven it immediately started smelling amazing. After two hours of waiting and impatiently switching the oven light off and on to watch for bubbling and browning, the pumpkin was done.

This is what it looked like when we removed it from the oven
As we ate, we discussed the various ways of how we could make this again. Even a sweet pumpkin was discussed, a sort of pie without the crust. It was decreed that stuffed pumpkin would be on the menu for Thanksgiving. I wonder how stuffing in the pumpkin would work?

This is the pumpkin carcass. As you can see we didn't like it at all.


Ann Beurskens said...

You didn't eat the pumpkin? Carol used a sugar pumpkin and then sliced the pumpkin in wedges. Probably works better with bread than rice.

KB said...

We did eat most of the pumpkin. We scraped from the inside. We did some damage to the shell but most of the people at the table just wanted the inside goodness.