Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mustard Salad

Red Mustards
If you have never had red mustard greens, I think the best description I can come up with is if arugula met horseradish and they had a giant red leafed baby. They have a great flavor raw or if they are just too spicy they lose some of the bitterness when cooked. They also, when cooked in water, make really cool bright green water.

 The newest issue of Bon Appetit has a whole section of what to do with all sorts of winter greens. I saw this recipe for Raw Mustard Green Salad and was intrigued. This is an easy fast salad, the most work I had to do was make the anchovy croutons, which were everything I love about croutons. Salty, crunchy and a little cheesy. The salad dressing is made from anchovies, lemon, olive oil and garlic. With a little sprinkling of Gruyere at the end, this salad was a hit, and something to make again, especially since most of the items I usually have at my disposal.
Salad of Red Mustard Greens with Anchovy Gruyere Croutons.

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