Monday, January 24, 2011

Potato Party

In the heart of winter, even in Southern California,  I find it easy to just stay inside and just want to eat warm foods, preferably some sort of starch. What better way to enjoy the quintessential starch, then the potato. My friends hosted a potato party, where everyone brings a dish using potatoes  in one of the many various forms that potatoes can be found. I knew I wanted to use something from the box in combination with the potatoes and it had to be something easy, that I could bring as is, because I would be coming from work.

Little French Radishes

My Little Roasted Radish Potato Salad
 Food52 comes through again, with a recipe for Roasted Radish and Potato Salad. Radishes have such a distinct flavor that I was a little weary of putting them with potatoes. Using little tiny Yukon gold potatoes I roasted them  with the radishes. This recipe is flavorful everything working together and having all sorts of earthy, spicy, sweet flavors. It's somewhat healthy using yogurt instead of mayonnaise and just for kicks I sauteed the radish leaves and added them as well.  My only complaint about the recipe is that it makes enough for two or three servings. For the potato party this was plenty because there was more than enough tubers to go around, but if I were to make this again it would need to be doubled or tripled.  To see what other people made for the potato party, check out my friend Jillana's blog.

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