Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Grapefruit Salad

Grapefruit and lettuce

The inclusion of grapefruit in the latest box did not cause excitement nor break into the not very well known grapefruit dance. I do not love grapefruit nor do I hate it. I love grapefruit flavored things, like grapefruit soda, it is delicious. Every once and a while a ruby red grapefruit is delightful but I do not crave them.
I figured the best way to use the grapefruit would be using it in a salad because of this large romaine heart. And no I do not put citrus into all of my salads.

 I found this recipe and it intrigued me because it had such strong ingredients that they seemed like it would work well together. The other reason why I chose this recipe was because I had everything on hand. I liked how this salad turned out. The tang of the grapefruit mixed well with the saltiness of the Parmesan and salami.
Just another simple salad to try with the bountiful supply of organic romaine.

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