Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Chip Off The Old Root

These are the roots prewashed, peeled, and sliced. 

I had been thinking about what to do with turnips (again), and had the idea of intermingling them with beets. Then that evolved into making them into chips. Using a mandolin I sliced the beets and turnips into perfect chip size slices.Turning the oven to a low temperature of 250, I put my roots slices in a single layer spread onto two pans. With a generous sprinkling of salt and pepper and a little olive oil, I put them in for about 40 minutes, flipping them half way through.
This was a pretty successful experiment. The turnips crisped up great, and because they are already peppery in flavor, the salt and pepper just added a little something extra. The beets kind of crisped up, I put on a little too much olive oil, so they just kind of roasted. I had leftovers and baked them again to just warm them up, and they crisped up a little more. I read another variation of a beet chip recipe, where they fried them, and they let the beets sit for a couple hours to let them dry out. Allowing them to sit would also help them to crisp as well.
I made a little yogurt dill sauce to dip the chips in. I don't have an exact measurement of how much I put in but it was just some Greek yogurt, a little lemon juice, and dill. The yogurt mellowed out the pepper, and the inclusion of dill works really well with the roots. Dill is one of those foods (or herbs to be specific) that I used to hate, but love, and reminds me of potatoes, salmon, and Scandinavians all things I love.
The finished product, the turnips almost look like real potato chips.

This is just a side note but when beets are cut up they are just so pretty, I think it might be my favorite shade of red. Do you have a favorite vegetable color?

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whopper said...

Found your blog from the scf email. Just wanted to suggest using your turnips as a sub for potatoes in any scalloped potato recipe. We love them that way.