Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Dandy Mustard Tart With A Sprinkling Of Spinach

The last couple of times I have attempted to make tarts, they were not a success, mainly having to do with the tart crust. I had sworn off baking for a while because of my tart debacles, and found myself looking longingly at fruit filled pastries, and envying the golden, buttery crust.  I then realized that tarts are not just exclusive to sweet but can be savory as well.
The mustard greens and red kale
 While flipping through the The  Joy of Cooking looking for ways to use some greens I found a Chard Tart. Replacing the chard with mustards, red kale, and a little spinach this tart turned out great.
One of the reasons why this tart appealed to me was that the crust was easy. No delicate cutting in of butter, no chilling of dough, there's not even a use of a rolling pin. I mixed the ingredients together and then pressed it into the tart pan. While the crust baked for fifteen minutes I browned a few shallots, because we were out of onions. and then put in the greens and let them cook a little bit, just until they lose their bitterness but still have a bright green color.
Mixing the greens with a few eggs, some heavy cream, and some Parmesan, I poured this mixture into my golden tart shell. Letting it bake for half an hour it came out like this.
This is something I would make again, experimenting with different combinations of vegetables. The tart wasn't quite as eggy as a quiche, allowing the greens to be more dominant in flavor. The other great thing about savory tarts is that they can be eaten for any meal. They are great for breakfast or for dinner with a salad on the side. I think now I will strictly be a savory tart maker and leave the sweet tarts to the pastry chefs.

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