Monday, April 4, 2011

A Glaze Turned Up

A family of turnips

Turnips are often thrown together with other root veggies, or mashed along with potatoes. I wanted to make something that just featured the turnips alone. I found this recipe on epicurious for glazed turnips with scallions and parsley.  This was a somewhat successful recipe, the main problem being my lax job of peeling the turnips. I read that for smaller turnips you don't have to peel them, so for the little one I didn't and the larger ones I kind of just peeled like a carrot. Not realizing that turnips skin is a little tough this makes for an interesting textural contrast when eating soft braised turnips. Now I know that they need to be peeled thoroughly, I will not make that mistake again.  They did however braise nicely, and are a good pairing with the green onion and parsley.  They make me want some sort of meat on the side.

The Finished Turnips
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